Chapter 6

At roughly the same time Zem and Tej were tipsily contemplating the easy way out, by way of euthanizing the local populace, Mem was on a mission.

On striding purposely towards the barn, Mem spied his best friend Ky leaving the place with a stupid grin on his face and a far-away look in his eyes.

Mem was little early for his planned assignation with Aby, his latest infatuation. He was surprised his amour was already in situ. Mai had informed Mem she had seen her sister heading for the barn a short while before. Mem and Aby had previously investigated the merits of the barn’s suitability for what Aby’s fathered would refer to as life-threating exertions.

Mem was hoping for a repeat performance.

Aby was lying on her back on a pile of straw in the corner of the barn staring vacantly into space. Hands behind her head, Aby focused on absolutely nothing. It seemed as if she was trying to work out a hard sum.


“…If your request involves you sticking anything of yours into anything of mine, and grunting loudly, the answer is no. Definitely not. I’m shagged out, literally,” countered Aby, before Mem could plead his case.

“But Aby. I am summoned to the palace this very sunset. I will not see you again for at least two inundations, for I escort pharaoh and his armies into battle with the Eastern hordes who have invaded out land. We leave at sunrise.”

Aby was way ahead of Mem. She knew just what a what momentous 11th hour reprieve had just been bestowed on the village. “You mean pharaoh won’t be visiting here tomorrow, after all?” Aby pretended to be crestfallen.

“I’m afraid not my sweet.” Mem tried to empathize, thinking Aby was bitterly disappointed.

A rejuvenated Aby jumped sprightly to her feet. “You just sit here Big Boy,” she smiled brightly, dragging Mem to the floor, “whilst I hurry to the square to ring the bell and make a quick proclamation. When I return, I shall separate you from your brains,” Aby ruffled his hair, “figuratively speaking that is, and you shall be sore for the next three sundown’s.”

There appeared a big, if confused, smirk of satisfaction on Mem’s face as Aby rushed out of the barn.

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